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December 11, 2018

I have such a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love being able to search the site for inspiration and seeing my brides boards. But on the other side, I often get Pinterest Boards with hundreds of images, contrasting design images and designs that are out of the budget of our every day couple.

For all my newly engaged brides, a few quick tips to help your wedding designer and florist work through your inspiration capture your vision perfectly!

  • Organize your images by category! You can now create categories within your wedding board. Categories such as floral, centerpieces, tablescapes, paper goods, bridesmaids are all great to help tell us your story and show us your preferred aesthetic.
  • Limit the amount of images you pin. A total of 50 images is typically more than enough! Too many can create analysis paralysis and overwhelm the design process. When you have too many images, they can contradict one other and cloud the overall vision.
  • Let us help you scale them back. I often receive Pinterest Boards that, if you were to execute the vision for 100-200 people would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The downside to Pinterest is that only the best images are shared and it can create unrealistic expectations. When I have to let my client know what their dream wedding will cost, I can hear the heartbreak over the phone. So let us lead you in the best direction and offer cost savings alternatives.
  • Be willing to refine your vision. With so many images and so many ideas, it can be overwhelming. We will need to limit how many pieces to the design we can add. Not every idea can be utilized, so let us help you refine and choose the best.

Enjoy Pinterest, pin away and trust your vendors! Thats why you hire us afterall.

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