Why “Compose Events?”

Business Guidance

July 1, 2016

Naming a company is not an easy task. At first, it sounded like fun and my mind flourished with ideas. With every name that came up, nothing felt quite right. Then one day my husband came up with the perfect name that I felt reflected me. I put forth months of backend planning with this name in mind.
Then just as it happens, right before my launch, a new wedding planning business in the same market came out with MY name. How could they? I loved that name. After I overcame feelings of defeat, it was back to the drawing board and putting my business launch on hold.
After weeks of plateaued, unenthusiastic ideas and questioning everybody in my life, I felt destructed. It was summertime and my husband and I were out to dinner, overlooking the sunset at our family lake house and he blurted it out. COM·POSE. I looked at him and it just fit. Why? What does it mean you ask?
COM·POSE – to organize the parts or elements of
COM·POSE – to create or produce aesthetically or artistically
COM·POSE –  to become calm
These are the exact elements, that I feel, compose a wedding and will best serve the needs of our clients. It encompasses both the logistical and creative sides of event planning while also capturing the need for calmness. As wedding planners, we organize, create, design, manage and pull together so many moving pieces while producing an aesthetically pleasing event. We are able to stay calm on event day as it is a key element to a successful event, with our main mission – to keep a calm bride!
I still constantly question if this was the right choice for a (hopefully) lifelong business name, and for now, it is exactly what I want to represent my company, how I want to serve my couples and is my mission!