Choosing your Wedding Professionals

Bridal Advice

September 28, 2016

Choosing your wedding professionals can be challenging. Many vendors you may be interested in could be too expensive or unavailable. Then your search continues. Once you do find that vendor, with the right cost and open date, how do you know if you should hire them?
  • All the Feels – The most important thing is to make sure you actually like the wedding professionals you will be working with. Whoever you choose to hire, you will be spending a lot of time with them, so make sure you not only trust them and their work but that you want them around you on this most special occasion.
  • Hidden Costs – We always hope our vendors are transparent about their costs, but some may not be up front about travel fees, overtime or add-on services. Make sure you thoroughly review contracts and ask all the questions you want about pricing. You always want to feel like you are hiring somebody honest.
  • Back-up Plan – Emergencies happen, luckily not often, but sometimes. You will want to ask your vendors what their back-up plan is in case of an emergency.  Perhaps they have employees, business partners, or just a network of wedding professionals. No matter the case, you can only benefit from double-checking.
  • Style Philosophy – Just as important as hiring somebody who fits in your budget, is working with somebody who has the same style and overall design philosophy as you do. If you prefer timeless, classic elements, you surely wouldn’t hire somebody whose style is funky. Although it can be fun to step outside of your comfort zone, don’t stray too far or you may regret the overall aesthetic of your wedding day.
 Finding and selecting your wedding professionals doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be quite fun and you may even walk away with new friendships.