Designing your Wedding

Bridal Advice, Design & Inspiration

November 11, 2016

Wedding Design is important, but what is wedding design? It is visual storytelling. Your wedding design will include your florals, invitation suite, centerpieces, ceremony decor and decorative pieces. Most often, your design will be directed by your chosen color palettes and a general theme (think rustic, vintage, classic). Creating a wedding design composition or blueprint will help ensure you have a cohesive theme while also sharing your love story, fully representing your vision.

Below a are a few tips to help in your wedding design process.

  • Rely on your wedding professionals – When designing your wedding aesthetic, rely on your wedding professionals. After all, it is our job. Your wedding planner and florist will be your key vendors in designing a cohesive look that speaks to your heart and your love story. We can lead you to the correct color palettes, create a complete centerpiece arrangement, source specialized decor pieces that finish your look, and coordinate with rental vendors all while staying within your budget and your style!
  • Pinterest Overuse – Pinterest is an amazing tool. Quite honestly, I use it daily. With that said, there is such thing as overuse. With an overwhelming amount of content being added daily, you can become mesmerized by everything eventually leading to analysis paralysis and a lack of an actionable, cohesive design. Using Pinterest for inspiration is great if you use it with focus and develop limits.
  • Less ‘is’ More – Designing your wedding can be exciting and you will find an abundance of inspiration and ideas. Choosing what to pick and what to leave behind is important. Over-decorating, and the overuse of a theme or trend can take away from the overall vision. The idea of ‘white space’ can often be embraced alongside the ‘less is more’ approach. Don’t clutter the look and feel of the event, instead, let your love story shine through in intentional details.
  • Embrace your Setting – Keeping with the theme of your wedding venue is the most basic rule. You chose a wedding venue that spoke to your heart and your style! Embrace the ‘look’ and theme and let the venue lead your design. An ornate ballroom will not need to be over-decorated as a barn wedding would often incorporate rustic touches.  Not only will your budget thank you as you are not trying to compete with an alternate color palette, but your design will look polished and cohesive.

Wedding design doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming nor should it! Designing your wedding should be exciting as you are able to let your love story, and personalities shine through while creating such special moments.