Newly Engaged?! What Next!

Bridal Advice, Design & Inspiration, Northern Michigan

December 8, 2016

You’re newly engaged! Congratulations. You’re swept up in a whirlwind of love, excitement, enchantment. Now what? With engagement season having officially begun with the holidays, read below to help you survive these next few weeks! There are a few key details that will lead the planning process. It is necessary to sit down with those involved with the planning to make these determinations sooner rather than later.

  • Budget, of course! Your budget will lead to all other decisions and this needs little explanation.
  • Next, you will need your guest count – although this may not seem essential so soon, you will not be able to properly budget or find a venue without a fairly accurate guest count/range.
  • Venue – if you are not having a planner help with your venue search, best to get started ASAP. Highly sought after venues book quickly, so get a jump start on all the other brides.
  • Find your key vendors! If you are hiring a wedding planner for full service planner or to help with  your venue search, this is the best place to start. Wedding planners are booking out up to two years in advance as are venues and you will want to start early to ensure you have found not only a wedding planner that fits your personality, style and budget but also so they can find your perfect venue.
  • Finding the photographer will be next. As with other highly regarded wedding professionals, securing your photographer soon is essential. Photographers are plentiful, but not if you need somebody who fits your visual aesthetic, budget, date and location.
  • Sit back enjoy being engaged! This is such as magical, romantic time in your life. Embrace the term “fiance”, flash that ring, and spend time with loved ones – the happiness radiating off of you will remind others why they are married.