New Year, Visioning for 2017

Business Guidance

January 6, 2017

With the new year, brings an abundance of blog posts about resolutions, goal setting and intentions for the year. And I am no different. In the past I have seen the importance of reflection and felt the positivity that has come with looking forward with an open heart, focused mind and refreshed spirit.

My goals & intentions for this current year are no different than most event planners  – book more ideal clients, execute flawless events, push my design skills further. They are no different than most small business owners – design functional systems, increase income and improve marketing skills. And again, similar to most wives – provide unconditional love and support to my spouse, encourage my husband and have adventures.

I want to dive deeper than that this year. And I have chosen goals that I feel can help me across these multiple, important platforms of my life. And this process began with introspection and visioning – mainstay in my life! Overcoming fear, education and relationship cultivation are places I envision and crave growth.

Personally, focus on overcoming fears and pushing myself into uncomfortable places and releasing the fear is going to be my biggest challenge. But I am certain it can only result in a clear, focused mind and powerful proud moments. Letting fear drive my life has been a hinderance to my personal growth and it stops here 🙂

Education doesn’t end when college ends. It is a lifelong desire that needs to be nourished. Reading books & blogs across multi-faceted topics, listening to and reflecting on credible podcasts and immersing myself in workshops will take focus this year.

Lastly and most importantly is relationship cultivation. Preserving relationships with the right people will only help with achieving my other goals. Choosing driven, supportive people has been essential to my well-being and growth and am excited to meet new people to add to my tribe!