Your Wedding Budget

Bridal Advice

February 6, 2017

Your wedding budget is one of the first and most important things you will determine when planning your wedding. Unfortunately, it can become one of the biggest sources of stress as it can be a very expensive industry. Hidden costs can sneak up on you, so make sure you are well education before signing contracts and making large decisions. We always want our couples to make sure they are comfortable with wedding related costs, so below are a few places to ensure you are budgeting correctly and a few ways to save money.

Where costs can be hiding

  • Venue – Venue rental can be expensive. Doing your research ahead of time to determine what is included can help. Does your venue fee include tables, chairs or set-up fees? Are there any additional costs for using particular vendors, inclement weather or design elements? Your wedding planner will be able to navigate through these conversation with your venue on your behalf!
  • Vendor costs – In addition to standard vendor fees, make sure you are discussing all costs associated with their booking. For example, is tipping customary? Will you need to provide vendor meals? If the vendor is traveling, are travel costs included in their fee? And finally make sure you are aware of overtime charges as schedules can shift day of!
  • Postage – Postage may seem like a small item, however between your save the date, invitations and thank you cards, it can add up quickly. Additionally, square shapedor heavy invitations will require additional postage.

Where you can save money

  • Guest List – Guest list is absolutely the biggest determining factor for budget. As difficult as it can be to reduce the size, make sure you are paying close attention to your invitees. For example, does you 18 year old cousin really need a plus one? Having an honest discussion with your parents about how many ‘family friends’ and co-workers are essential to the celebration will be helpful. Guest costs are not just meal related, but favors, welcome bags and dessert tables all add up quickly.
  • Proper Scheduling – Work with your wedding planner to create a seamless, well-balanced and achievable schedule. When done properly, you can reduce timing for vendors such as photographers, musicians and set-up with florists. Be as efficient as possible!
  • Bar service – A new trend that has emerged is a beer and wine only reception plus a specialty cocktail. Eliminating a fully stocked bar can save you considerably!

Budgeting for your dream wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Being creative, intentional with your decisions and relying on your wedding planner to guide you will be very helpful in saving and allocating your money appropriately. Happy planning!