Choosing your Bridal Party

Bridal Advice

March 9, 2017

You’re engaged! You have found your fiance and true love – and now you get to ask your family and best friends to be a part of your big day. Choosing right people to stand next to your and your fiance is so important and can be so much fun, but choosing the right bridal party shouldn’t take over.

The first step is understanding what the bridal party does and why they are important. Not only will the bridal party be there to get ready with you and walk down the aisle, but they will be your emotional support, help you troubleshoot and (hopefully) tell you how amazing you are. They are in photos, give speeches, come to pre-parties. With that being said, you need to think about who you can rely on. You want your bridal party to be supportive, not stressful. Will they be on time? Will they complain about long days or expensive outfits? Or will they be popping the champagne for you! Although there will be people who you love, they may not always be the best choice for a bridal party. And now, here are some tips to help with choosing who should be a part of your big day!

  • Family – Choosing family is great! You already love them and I don’t think you can go wrong here. Your sisters, brothers, cousins are all there to support you and are your best allies.
  • Close Friends – Your first instinct will be to choose a close friend. And if you have many close friends, in order to narrow down your decision, think about a few things. Who will be a lifelong friend? Who will best support your marriage?
  • Consider Cost – Joining a bridal party can be expensive. Between bachelorette parties, showers, attire, travel, jewelry and lodging, it can add up quickly. Before asking friends or family, consider if this will be a financial burden on them. Most people will still agree, however respecting the investment will keep the relationship strong.
  • Size – Too many or too few people in your bridal party can be an issue. Consider how many people are comfortable “managing” throughout the planning process but also think about how many people you would love to have next to you every step of the way. Too many bridesmaids can be stressful with timing and personalities, but limiting yourself could be lonely. Only you know what is best for you. Find your sweet spot! And remember, bridal parties do not need to be matched on each side – that is a tradition of the past.

Overall, selecting your bridal party should be a fun experience all around! Only you know what is best for you and your fiance. Do not let outsiders pressure your decision – just make sure you are surrounded by people who support your marriage and everything else will be just great!