Introducing Floral Design

Bridal Advice, Design & Inspiration, Northern Michigan

March 23, 2017

Who doesn’t love flowers? They were never something I grew up with and mom wasn’t anything of a gardener, but lucky for me, my husband is. When we first started dating, we built a garden at his home, my first in my life. At first I was annoyed by the amount of work it took just so we could save $3 on tomatoes, but then I realized it was so much more. Cultivating growth, testing changes to keep your precious crops alive and thriving and spending time connecting to the earth under the sun, all amazing side effects of gardening.

After beginning my business, clients and vendors alike were constantly asking if I were going to offer floral services as well as planning and design as so many planners do. At the time, I replied sharply, with a “no”, I am going to leave that to the professionals and focus on my current talents.But here I am after years in business and countless workshops both hands-on and logistics based, finally announcing that I will be offering floral services to my couples!

I had a bride contact me last fall. Her planner and florist has just quit on her out of the blue with only a couple months until her wedding. Her kind soul and slight panic lead me decide to work with her on such short notice. And in the conversation, she asked, can you do the florals for my wedding. Letting her know I had only taken a handful of classes, I could try but made no promises. And then she said, I completely trust you to do this! And wow, what wonderful words to hear. It pushed me so hard to learn every bit that I could. I reached out to industry friends, attended classes and purchased online workshops to soak in the information. And on wedding day, I arrived, florals in hand and very proud of my work. I must say though, it was so much more work that I anticipated.

At this point in my business, I feel so confident in my planning and design systems that I knew in my heart I could successfully offer this additional service to my couples. I also promised myself I would only take on so many commissions each year in order to ensure that my quality of work in other areas of business won’t suffer. I have also promised myself that if a couple has a vision that feels beyond my scope, I will certainly be calling for help. I have worked so hard behind the scenes the past six months to set-up my floral design systems and talents and can’t wait to share them with my couples!