When your venue is a blank slate, What to consider

Bridal Advice

March 2, 2017

Choosing a venue that is an open space is exciting – you can make it whatever you want! And these open space venues are everywhere now front tents to barns, backyards to open loft spaces! Now, where to start. Before moving forward with a “blank canvas” event space for your wedding, put together a comprehensive budget to ensure this is the right fit for you as costs can add up quickly. And now that you are committed and excited, what next?! Your wedding planner will absolutely be able to guide you here and will be key to ensure the logistics work well.

  • Tables and chairs – So simple! If your venue doesn’t provide tables and chairs you have the freedom to rent any kind of you want. With so many options, it can be overwhelming or exciting. Trending now are long tables as opposed to all rounds or you can mix and match! Think gold chiavari chairs, ghost chairs, crossbacks; the possibilities are endless. Use your overall theme as inspiration.
  • Lighting – As with everything else, you have so many excellent options. If lighting isn’t already included (and even if it is) you have the freedom to add string lights, chandeliers, lamps – anything you see fit to pull your vision together and complete your overall aesthetic.
  • Soft seating – With a blank space, one of my favorite things to do is add a soft seating area. It creates a lounge like feel and takes the overall design up a notch. It has become such a fun trend to incorporate under tents and in open loft spaces. The warmth that comes from this is amazing.
  • Dancefloor – Getting married under a tent? Make sure you account for flooring for the guests that want to get down on the dance floor! High heels and grass don’t mix well. Your guests and your dress will thank you for this.

With these fun options you have for the overall theme of your wedding, you want to make sure you are handling the logistics correctly. You will need to interact with many different vendors to make this possible so here are a few ways to make sure this is a seamless process.

  • Familiar vendors – Consider using vendors familiar with the venue. Many venue have loading restrictions, timing constraints and preferred vendor lists. If the vendor is familiar with the venue, it was ease the day.
  • Timing – With multiple vendors you will also need to schedule the set-up and break-down carefully and order them appropriately. For example, a production team cannot hang lighting efficiently if the space is already cluttered with tables and chairs. Likewise, you will want to see tables set before chairs.
  • Wedding Planner – Finally, hiring a wedding planner who is comfortable and has experience with “blank space” venues will be very helpful as we already know the best practices managing these logistic pieces.

Overall, a venue with a blank canvas can be so fun as you can really let your personality shine through in the overall flow of the event and design, but execution logistically can be a bit more challenging than a venue completely set-up. Hope this advice helps and enjoy the creative process!