To Veil or not to Veil

Bridal Advice, Design & Inspiration

April 4, 2017

We adore wedding dresses! Trust me, I would wear one everyday if I could. It is not only the dress that completes your bridal look though. Every bride has plenty of options to optimize their overall bridal look. I have a list of just a few of the basic pieces every bride should consider adding. Oh, and just look at the emotion the placement of your veil can bring your loved ones!

  • The Veil – Let’s start with the Veil! Such a historic, gorgeous, traditional piece with so many options. From birdcage and blushers to shoulder, fingertip and waltz length all the way down to the flowing chapel and cathedral. All are beautiful and swoon worthy, and are preference based. Your veil should compliment your overall aesthetic, feel comfortable and create a romantic presence.
  • Head pieces – The veil isn’t the only way to dress up your hairdo. You can add headbands, the trendy flower crowns, heirloom barrettes or even soft touches of greenery to create fun, romantic pieces to your look.
  • Belts – Depending on your dress style and body shape, adding a belt can be a great addition. And you aren’t just limited to a jeweled belt. Both ribboned or jeweled belts are so beautiful, soft and any belt can be slimming and add a fresh touch.
  • Sleeves – So trendy right now! Adding long sleeves or even small sleeves over the shoulder can add a romantic look to any dress. Your dress does not have to come with sleeves and they can be added. Whether it be chiffon or lace, any sleeve will keep you both on trend and give you a classic, elegant look.
  • Heirloom pieces – Adding personal touches to your bridal look is such a lovely, thoughtful way to incorporate traditions, loved ones, and special items. Think something borrowed, handkerchiefs, the lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress sewed into your own, a family jewel added to your look. Incorporating meaningful heirloom pieces can help you feel connected to your history and loved ones.

Whichever accessories you choose to add to your bridal look, just remember that the sky’s the limit and you want to feel comfortable and have your looks feel representative of your personality and your love story.