Managing My Time As an Entrepreneur

Business Guidance, Lifestyle

August 2, 2017

As an entrepreneur, there are so many different tasks I am responsible for and often have to spread my mind across different avenues. It is easy to get swept away in a specific project, an email distraction or mindless pinterest scrolling. In order to keep myself focused, productive and efficient, I have found I work best by compartmentalizing various tasks relating to my business. Below I explain the various “compartments” I place my work into and how I am I able to naturally let this drive my time.

    • My creative mind is constantly working. However, I often need to quiet this part of my mind to focus on more complex tasks. I tend to feel more creative in the evening, so that is when I dedicate my time to creative tasks such as scrolling Pinterest, client design and inspiration board development, editorial shoot focus and general scheming and dreaming of future projects.
    • Client Management time is one of the most important pieces of my job. This is when I am focused on client specific work such as logistics, timelines, vendor outreach, meetings and emails to name a few. Early mornings have served me best to complete these tasks and allow for a productive day. Knowing my “must do” tasks are complete allows for a calmer working day and also set me up to receive response based emails and information I need to complete my work.
    • Business Systems are not my favorite. I would much prefer to focus on client or creative work, but I know this is an essential piece to maintain my calendar and income flow as well. Developing and constantly evaluating systems such as workflow creation, bookkeeping and marketing are just as important to keep my business successful. Although not a daily focus, weekly and bi-weekly check-ins between wedding weeks serve me best here.  Oh, and setting aside one day a month for blog and social media content development for the month ahead streamlines my systems and marketing efforts.
    • Professional Development – Podcasts, reading the blogs of other creative entrepreneurs, attending workshops, reading business specific books and researching new tools and resources are all on my goal lists. Wedding season can make it difficult to give time here but I feel that is when it is most important. Connecting with fellow wedding professionals, keeping myself motivated and my mind creatively sharp are all upsides to maintaining a professional development schedule year round. With all of the meetings we attend in the summer, podcasts in the car make it so easy!

With so many things to do, time to get back to work 🙂