Thankful For


December 21, 2017

With 2017 winding down, the holiday season upon us and the time for 2018 goal setting nearing, I wanted to sit down and reflect on what 2017 meant for me and what I am thankful for. Aside from the obvious such as my amazing husband, wonderful clients and my business as a whole, I wanted to dive in a bit more specifically.

  • Europe – My first trip to Europe was magical! Visiting Paris and Amsterdam with my husband for 10 days was such as blessing. The architecture, art, history, wine and food were incredible. Attempting new languages, meeting new people, attempting new cuisines were all experiences I will cherish forever.
  • Clients who trust me with new things! This year I planned my first brunch wedding as well as designed and created greenery centerpieces for the first time. What amazing opportunities as it pushed me outside of comfort zone, which is essential for growth. Hearing a bride say, I trust you, is such a great feeling.
  • Richard – 2017 was the year we adopted our Shih Tzu, Richard. He is my best friend, my heart and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He has brought me so much joy and happiness and has opened my heart.
  • This year I was able to work in such a wide range of wedding venues. From mansions on Lake Michigan to industrial historic spaces in downtown Detroit, from historic museums and quaint Inns, each space presented such magical yet different settings for my wonderful couples.
  • The new sense of community I have found in both Detroit and Northern Michigan has made my heart full. As I work in both markets, I wondered if all would accept me. I have had the pleasure of working with the best vendors and wedding professionals, all amazing, encouraging and welcoming people.

I am so excited to dive into my goals for 2018 and use my time of reflection to focus on what was positive and how to consistently keep the positivity in my life. And for those goals from 2017 I may have not achieved or done well, I’m coming for you!