Stay Organized as a Bride

Bridal Advice

February 10, 2018

When planning a wedding, there are so many things to keep organized – vendor lists, payment due dates, contracts, and upcoming assignments. How do you keep all of this organized alongside everything else you have to do in your every day life. Read below!

  • Ask your planner for help – We have so many tools, templates and system that help keep us organized and manage many weddings. We are happy to take the lead and offer guidance with budgets, document collection, timelines, design boards and so much more! That is our job after all. Oh and always ensure signed copies of all contracts are returned to you.
  • Physical Binders – Some couples still want to have physical copies of every contract. And that can be helpful as you attend multiple vendor meetings. It is a one-stop shop for everything. The only downside is the physical labor and constant updating that may need to happen as proposals shift and change throughout the process.
  • Email – Many couples choose to create and designate a specific wedding email address that forwards to your daily one. This can keep all wedding related email organized in one place while not overly sharing your personal email address in fear of receiving spam.
  • Google folder/Google Docs – One of my favorite tools is Google Drive. This tool is shareable with your fiancé and wedding planner. You can upload and create any time of documents, photos, etc. that you would want and create specific folders how you need.
  • Phone Call Documentation – I always document phone calls with follow up emails / phone transcripts in client files to ensure nothing was lost in translation and records of all discussions are kept. I love email as it can create a physical discussion trail but obviously we need phone calls so this is a great way to confirm all discussion points.


Happy planning!