Enjoying Your Wedding Day


March 1, 2018

As a wedding planner, it is not only our job to organize and design your day but to ensure that you as a bride or groom truly enjoy the day and immerse yourself in the experience. Seeing couples overly focused on ensuring every aspect is perfect can take away from the true meaning of the day. I asked a bride once if she just had the best day ever. And her heartbreaking response, “Not really. I tried to hard to control too much today. I should have just lived in the moment.” I have seen a few couples try to force moments that could and should have organically happened – impromptu speeches, dance circles, photo ops. Let it happen naturally. After months and months of planning, I completely understand that this can be difficult so below are just a few tips to make sure you are your new spouse are present in the Day and meaning of the day.

  • Stay together – Stick by your new spouses side, all night! Dance together, greet guests together, laugh together. Seeing couples separate at their reception to talk to people or participate in too many moments independently, breaks my heart. So walk hand in and hand and sneak kisses!
  • Take breaks – Sneak away to a hidden spot, just the two of you to breathe, regroup, connect as a couple and take it all it. Refocus and give yourself that quiet moment to remember why you are here.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Unplug – You do not need your phone! Everybody you need to talk to is right there with you. Assign friends and family to take candids and upload them to a shared google folder. Social media can wait a day. There is NO reason to have your phone on you.
  • Don’t feel any guilt – You may not have gotten to spend as much time with each guest as you wanted, perhaps you missed a table. It is okay. Guests understand how busy you are and I am sure they had a fabulous time. Guests will come to you for dance parties, photo ops, and those are the moments they remember, not your dinner table greeting! Give yourself a break J

I love seeing couples calm, together and just dancing the night away in pure happiness. And that is my job – to ensure you have those moments. As planners, we are troubleshooting more than you may know behind the scenes so ensure you have those moments, so take advantage and enjoy!