Blog Series Part II | Here’s Why You Should Work with an Event Stylist for Your Wedding Planning and Floral Design

Design & Inspiration

March 31, 2019

The First and The Last Point of Contact on Your Wedding Day

In this blog series, we’re talking about the benefits of working with an event planner for both your wedding styling and floral needs. Last week, we saw how a beautiful vision can be brought to life through your wedding stylist and enhanced with the floral design.

Now, we’re going to talk a bit about convenience, and even more about support.

Your Event Planner, Your Support System, and Your Floral Designer

The main goal of any wedding planner is to make sure your visions come together beautifully so your big day is everything you envisioned. But the true dream for event planners is that this all happens smoothly and seamlessly.

I love how fluidly floral design transitions to event planning. You see, your floral designer and your event planner are two of the first people you want to arrive on your big day. The flowers often set the scene for your aisle and seating, and as such need to be set up first. And your event planner should be there making sure everything else is going according to plan.

In this dual role, I’ll be the first smiling face you’ll see at your venue. I’ll be setting up your flowers which are showcasing your vision, and I’ll be directing the rest of your vendors. Because I am so familiar with your vision, I’ll know exactly how to direct all of the setup details, and I’ll know exactly how to handle any hiccups that may arise. It’s more convenient for me, and it’s more convenient for you – Your only tasks the morning of your big day will be relaxing and getting pampered so you can shine when your moment arrives.

Throughout your day, I’ll be available to assuage any worries you may have, smother any potential issues, and make sure the theme of fluidity and seamlessness continues all day. I’ll be there until the very end.

You will be able to end your night without worry, as I will oversee the wrap up of your big day. As your event manager, I will oversee your big day even past your grand finale.

Convenience and Simplicity for Your Wedding Planning

I will not only make everything more convenient for you and give you the support you need on one of the biggest days of your life, but your savings will thank you for choosing one person to manage setup and breakdown rather than multiple vendors. Those extra dollars might even go toward your ideal honeymoon!

And if you’re ready to see where the flowers will come from and how that helps to further create a cohesive vision, stayed tuned for the next and final part of the series!