Here’s Why You Should Work with an Event Stylist For Your Wedding Planning and Floral Design

Bridal Advice

March 15, 2019

Wedding planning often feels packed with big decisions, especially when you’re considering which vendors to trust with your special day. When you run down the list of all of the pieces you need to somehow fit together before the big day arrives, the list just feels daunting. While making that list feel a little less daunting is definitely something I can help you with as an event planner, I’m also a stylist who can take your creative vision and bring it to life – including your wedding florals.

In this blog series, I’m going to tell you how I can check two vendors off your list. As a wedding stylist and a floral designer, I can provide another key piece to the puzzle with the added benefit of working with someone who already knows your vision and how to pull it together. Together, we can create a beautiful floral design for your big day, and we can plan all of the details in the process.

But, you may be wondering: how do floral design and wedding planning go hand in hand? Over the next few blog entries, you’ll learn all of the benefits that come with working alongside an event planner for both your wedding planning and floral needs.

Bringing Your Wedding Vision Together

You’ve dreamed about your wedding for years. Or maybe you’ve just come up with a general idea of how you’d like everything to come together. Either way, you have a vision. You have ideas about your color scheme and your venue. You’ve pinned pin upon pin. You have a grand idea.

Together, we can turn that dream into a reality. We can use the ideas and inspiration you’ve collected to design the perfect floral accents for your day, then we can expand as we choose your location and design your celebration. Maybe you’ve chosen a soft, romantic look with pale pinks that we’ll accent with roses and ranunculus. Or, maybe you’re leaning toward a rustic vision pairing deep natural tones with the pops of yellow in sunflowers.

We’ll work together to make sure every detail ties together in this vision, from the invitations to the napkins; from the bridesmaids dresses to the linens. And, I’ll make sure the planning logistics tie perfectly into your vision for the big day.

By entrusting both the planning and the floral design to me, you’re breathing life into your dream wedding vision. You’re creating a seamless wedding experience that lets planning and design work together to create the perfect wedding day for you and your fiance.

I’ll be there with you every step of the way because I’ll be the first and the last person at your wedding, which we’ll discuss in our next blog series post!

Featured image by Chelsea Dennis Photography. View Rachel and Ryan’s wedding gallery here