Working with a Michigan Florist that Sources Locally

Bridal Advice

April 20, 2019

Welcome back to the short blog series where we’ve discussed why you should work with an event planner for both your wedding styling and floral needs. We’ve talked about vision, convenience, and complete support – today, in the last part of the series, we’re going to talk about all things locally grown (including me!).

Michigan Wedding Vendors Know The Area and Your Needs 

These days, everyone heavily considers shopping and sourcing local. And for good reason. Not only does shopping locally and using local vendors support local businesses and grow your town’s economy, but you’re working with the people who really know the area. Choosing me as your floral designer and event planner means choosing someone who is intimately acquainted with the Detroit and Northern Michigan area. I’ve been to these venues, I’ve worked with the other local vendors, I know this beautiful place that is Michigan.

Locally Sourced Florals Mean All-Day Beauty For Your Wedding 

Each wedding design means completely different floral choices, including color palettes and floral arrangements. I know the flowers that are local here, and I know where to get the best locally-sourced, organic blooms. Blooms that will last throughout the day, looking fresh until the end of the night are the blooms that were grown right here, not shipped. They are not only fresher, but they are more tempered to our seasons.

And speaking of seasons, that also means I know what’s in season here in our area, and what is really going to look great as well as seasonally appropriate for your big day. This will not only bring your vision to life but, by going with seasonal blooms, you will find the most affordable options as well.

Speaking of seasons, in the next blog post we’ll discuss seasonal color palettes and the blooms that go with them!