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As an entrepreneur, there are so many different tasks I am responsible for and often have to spread my mind across different avenues. It is easy to get swept away in a specific project, an email distraction or mindless pinterest scrolling. In order to keep myself focused, productive and efficient, I have found I work […]

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With the new year, brings an abundance of blog posts about resolutions, goal setting and intentions for the year. And I am no different. In the past I have seen the importance of reflection and felt the positivity that has come with looking forward with an open heart, focused mind and refreshed spirit. My goals […]

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Naming a company is not an easy task. At first, it sounded like fun and my mind flourished with ideas. With every name that came up, nothing felt quite right. Then one day my husband came up with the perfect name that I felt reflected me. I put forth months of backend planning with this […]